Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby boy sewing!!!!! Little man tie onsies!!! Perfect for church!I love these!

 Little man tie onsies!!!
Start by cutting out different fabric ties with husband helped me create mine:)

 Then iron on reinforcer on the back and cut out.....actually, it's easier to iron on the reinforcer and then cute the tie out.....this way you only cute once!!!.....but hey, hindsight is 20/20 right???? :)
 Then center tie and pin to shirt! Pin it good, because it gets a little tricky while sewing.

Then zigzag, or some other stitch, around the edges. be Sure you kind of pull the shirt so that is gets stretched out behind the tie, and the tie lays flat. I find that unbuttoning the bottom works best, rather than trying to go through the neck:)
And there you have it!!!! A little tiny white shirt and tie for your little tiny man to go to church!!! Can't wait to put these on my little boy!!! :)
(Plus give away for some baby showers- they make great, quick, gifts!)

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